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Powermax Led

XLG-150-L-AB 120~214Vdc,700~1050mA DIM+ADJ Meanwell

XLG-150-L-AB 120~214Vdc,700~1050mA DIM+ADJ Meanwell

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Model XLG-150-L
Output Rated Current 700mA  
Constant Current Region 120-214V  
Rated Power 150W  
Full Power Current Range 700-1050mA  
Open Circuit Voltage (Max.) 225V  
Current ADJ. Range 350-1050mA  

Ölçüsü: 140*63*32mm


Type Function
A Io adjustable via
built-in potentiometer
AB Io adjustable via
built-in potentiometer + 3 in 1 dimming function (0-10Vdc, 10V PWM signal and
Blank Io and Vo fixed. (For harsh envirenment)
Note: 12V and 24V models without the AB Type



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